Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gold Mine Gutted


When you're on the run from the Tall, Skinny man, time seems to....stop, or move faster. Your life completely halts, and it never restarts again, but you move on. You're stuck on a set track, untill He comes and finally takes you, as if you were playing into his hands the entire time.

(You always hear the ticking of the minute hands as he watches)

But I'm moving towards the suited demon. I'm looking for his influence, I'm looking for his servants, I'm looking for everything and anything that could weaken him.

Though I'm not looking for him, personally. If I run into him, so be it; I'm not afraid. But he is not my goal. I could care less about his antics, or anything even remotely caused by him. So what if he's taking children? There's nothing we can do about it, so why fight it?

(They used to sacrifice children, yknow)

I'm hunting. Every day, I get closer to my two targets. They cling to their master, afraid of death.

But I'll fix them.

If I was going against the two targets alone, I'd be at a disadvantage. But I've got a partner too. Not romantically, of course. She wants revenge too, but she doesn't let it consume her. I don't know why, but I'll find out. She lives out west, and when I need a place to crash, I can usually count on her.

I may need a place to crash soon. Lost their trail.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Code

"Encoded arc, our common cause....
Drink liquid clocks 'til I see God;
Crystal display....Can't turn it off."


The love of my life lived with me in a townhouse upstate.

She was a wonderful person; vibrant, and with so much energy.
But one day she came home with the palest face.
She had seen it for the first time.

The love of my life was sick.
She was succumbing to the tall, suited man.
One day, she came home and placed a dagger to my throat.
She forced me to proclaim allegiance to it.

The love of my life died in a plane crash.
She had so much time.
In a day gone by, she was promised life by our boss,
But he took it away from her. He broke our deal.
He traded her life for another’s.
I now travel the country, looking for the woman who stole my life’s love.
I kill people all the time.
No one gets in my way, be it It’s servants, It’s enemies, or another It.
I won’t stop until I kill,